Simple troubleshooting step to get your equipment up and running or to eliminate areas to help with a first-time fix.

Kebab Grill

Depending on the issue please complete the below relevant checks

The machine is not turning or rotating

  • Check the machine is plugged into the mains properly.
  • Check the socket - plug the machine into a different socket and see if it worksy
  • Check the fuse on the plug (you will need a competent person who understand plug fuse to do this)
  • Check the skewer and all fittings in place correctly.
  • Remove the grease pan, check the motor itself plugged in properly.
  • Unplug the motor (blue plug) and plug back in. See if that fixes the problem. Check the condition of the on/off switch for any obvious damage.

Machine is rotating in one direction

  • This is usually a switch or motor fault.
  • Check the switch for damaged.
  • Check if the switch need to be cleaned and remove any obvious grease/fat build up.
  • Power of the grill at the main then test switch the machine on and off 5 times to see if that clears any blockages. Power on and test again.

Machine is not lighting up / staying lit when switched off

  • Check the gas pipe properly connected.
  • Check the gas in on fully switched on.
  • Check the pipes are not pressed or squashed.

Cater Bake Kebab Grill - Changing The Motor

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Frymaster Fryer

Heating, Control & Operational Issues

The following are diagnostic tips for troubleshooting heating, control and operational issues on Frymaster fryers.

Frymaster (Fasia) Front Panel

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Won't Heat

If the fryer isn't heating, check for the following:
  • Power cord unplugged – Plug the power cord in case it was knocked out of the outlet.
  • Open drain valve – If the drain safety valve is open, make sure it's fully closed.
  • Gas valve is off – On gas models, check that the valve is turned all the way to ON.
  • Faulty controller – This part will need to be checked or repaired by an authorized technician.
  • Faulty wiring – Contact an authorized technician to check wiring and circuitry. These issues could prevent the element from energizing.
  • Obstructed or faulty combustion air blower – If the blower is running, clean out the obstruction following the instructions in your operator's manual. If it's not running, call an authorized technician to repair.

Heats Until High-Limit Trips

If this occurs when the heat indicator light is on, there is a faulty temperature probe or controller. If the light is off, there is a faulty contactor or controller. Both issues will need to be checked and repaired by an authorized technician.

Cycles On & Off When Started

Cycling on and off occurs when melt-cycle mode is on, and this happens regularly. The mode allows controlled melting of solid shortening, prevent scorching and damage to the element. It continues until the unit reaches 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cycle Mode Error

Aplies to number 1 front panel - To cancel the melt cycle on a full pot, press the "R" button. To cancel on a split pot, press the "L" button for the left side pot and the "R" button for the right side. CYCL will be replaced by Lo . The decimal point between digits 1 and 2 will illuminate indicating the unit is heating.
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Won't Display

If there is no display on the controller, see if the following are the cause:
  • No power – Check if the fryer is unplugged or the circuit breaker has tripped.
  • Computer is off – Turn the ON/OFF switch is to the ON position.
  • Component failure – The computer, wiring or another component are faulty. Contact an authorized technician to troubleshoot and repair.

Frypots Won't Top Off

On models with automatic top-off, check for the potential issues below:
  • Low fryer or oil temperature – The automatic top-off won't kick in until the unit reaches at least 300 degrees Fahrenheit. It also operates when oil is above 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Supply line not connected to JIB – Make sure the supply line is in or connected to JIB.

Basket Lift is Noisy or Jerks

On models with basket lifts, the basket lift rod can cause jerking or noises when it's not lubricated. Apply a light coat of Lubriplate™ or similar lightweight grease to the rod and bushings.

Filtration Issues

The following are diagnostic tips for troubleshooting filtration issues on Frymaster fryers.

Pump Won't Start or Stops When Filtering

If the pump isn't starting or stops while filtering, check for the potential problems below:
  • No power – See if the power cord is unplugged or circuit breaker is tripped.
  • Overheated pump motor – When the motor overheats, it causes the thermal overload switch to trip. Wait 20-45 minutes for the motor to cool down before pressing the pump's reset switch.
  • Obstruction in filter pump – To see if there is a blockage, close the drain valve and pull out the filter pan. Activate the pump and see if the motor hums and stops after a short amount of time. This confirms an obstruction. Clean the fryer of buildup. If this persists, contact an authorized technician to repair or remedy.

Oil Won't Return

If the oil isn't returning to the frypot while the filter runs, there could be an obstruction in the filter pan's suction tube. Check for a blockage by closing the drain valve, pulling out the filter pan and activating the pump. If the motor hums and stops after a short amount of time, this helps confirm an obstruction. Clean the fryer of buildup. If this problem persists, contact an authorized technician to repair or remedy.

Oil Returns Slowly & Bubbles

When the filter runs but oil return is slow and bubbly, check for the following:
  • Obstructed filter paper and/or screen – Change the filter paper or screen.
  • Incorrectly installed filter pan parts – See if the filter screen is at the bottom of the pan with paper on top of the pan. Adjust accordingly if necessary. Also, make sure the O-rings are connected and in condition. Adjust accordingly or replace them if worn out.
  • Oil isn't hot enough when filtering – Oil should be at or near 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Oil below that temperature is too thick to filter appropriately and could overheat the pump motor.
Those are Frymaster fryer troubleshooting tips you need to know. For additional information, check out our Frymaster manuals online.

Valentine Fryers

Reset Thermostat

Make sure there is oil in the pans, then turn the fryer on as normal keep the door open, if the red lights are active then press the red button beside it. You should feel and hear a click. If you do not hear and feel a click, but the red light goes out, but activates again when you release the button , then press and hold in the red button for about 30 seconds, if it does not reset then you need to arrange an engineer to visit.

Oil Pump Issue

Oil pump issue are related to cleaning of the machine. If you don’t clean or replace filter they will get blocked and cause the oil pump to fail.

Veg Prep Machine

If your veg prep machine suddenly stops working. Check the internal magnet hasn’t fallen out into the sink when emptying food.
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